I am a Deep South Southerner who has lived abroad and finally settled in the European city known as New Orleans, Louisiana. A city of extra-ordinary taste where everyone you know is an artist, a writer, a chef, musician, actor...

However, while living in Jackson MS with my young family I owned a set of 12 antique chairs that I sent out to be stripped of their fake wood graining saying to myself' Why would anyone paint perfectly good wood?'. The refinisher upon returning my chairs with their fresh coat of lacquer said,  "Here're your chairs ma'am.  They ain't no good now, you know, without them 'fox boys' finish." Fox Boys...?  Faux bois!!!  What in the world was faux bois? Fortunately my education in the sciences came to the rescue. Through extensive research, experimentation and the belief there is always a solution, I developed an extensive portfolio of original decorative finish techniques that are at once beautiful, subtle and infinitely flexible.

From that starting point in the decorative arts I developed a line of elegant stencils that may be applied to walls, floors, cabinetry, fabric and more! Over the years I have created a collection of fine furnishings and even an offering of fine art executed in the ancient medium of encaustic. (Yes, it is technically challenging, but oh so dazzling). Of course, I offer bespoke design for walls, furniture and fabrics. This aspect of the decorative arts is truly my favorite, as my clients and their dreams are my inspiration.

The various cultures I've intimately experienced have influenced my 'no-holds-barred' design vision and developed the practical resourcefulness that is so necessary when living in a foreign environment. Through design I have had the opportunity to work with amazing people across the country. With hard word and dedication I have been lucky enough to have my work appear repeatedly in national publications, on television and I have won numerous awards and taught at Universities.  I have been blessed as I hope to be a blessing to you.

Owner and Designer

Sherry Haydel